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Phone Numbers with the (940) 966- Prefix

Area code:940 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Texas Windstream, Inc.
Current time:7:28pm
All Cities Served:Nocona, TX
All Counties Served:Montague County
All Zip Codes Served:76255
Map of Nocona, TX

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940-966-0814 May 2016 India
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
940-966-1939 Mar 2015 California

Business and Government (940) 966-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
940-966-3224 Walsh & Watts Inc Production Spanish Fort, TX 76255
940-966-3295 Oil & Gas Company Peba 152 Hancock Rd Spanish Fort, TX 76255
940-966-3304 Heli Parts Of Texas Spanish Ft Spanish Fort, TX 76255
940-966-3318 Valley View Baptist Church 6159 Fm 103 Nocona, TX 76255
940-966-3320 Country Classic Beauty Salon Spanish Fort, TX 76255
940-966-3331 Medallion Production Company Spanish Fort, TX 76255
940-966-3345 Hadley Oil Company Spanish Fort, TX 76255
940-966-3458 Peba Oil & Gas Co Spanish Fort, TX 76255
940-966-3475 Teppco Crude Oil Hwy 103 Spanish Fort, TX 76255

Residential (940) 966-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
940-966-1219 Seong Roh
940-966-2754 Mike Rhoads
940-966-3202 Steve Paschall
940-966-3203 M. Gibbs
940-966-3206 Eddie Goolsby
940-966-3209 Lynn Cantu
940-966-3212 Jesse V. Skinner
940-966-3221 Terri Brown
940-966-3227 A. McAlister
940-966-3232 Carol & Ron Davis
940-966-3233 Donald Rauschuber
940-966-3234 Jimmy Dale Howard
940-966-3238 Dennis Brown
940-966-3241 Matt Brown
940-966-3258 Linda & Ron Claxton
940-966-3261 Dan Hughes
940-966-3263 Martin Paschall
940-966-3264 Carol & Ron Davis
940-966-3266 Glen Goldsmith
940-966-3267 Lee Fikes
940-966-3271 Sammy Mitchell
940-966-3272 Dan Hughes
940-966-3274 Don R. Johnston
940-966-3285 Raymond Frost
940-966-3288 Barbara Goldsmith
Telephone Name
940-966-3291 E. T Rackley
940-966-3292 Travis Moore
940-966-3303 Fannie Groves
940-966-3306 Jim & Rebecca Thompson
940-966-3322 Sam Tompkins
940-966-3325 Philip Martin
940-966-3330 J. M Gaston
940-966-3333 R. A Burk
940-966-3334 Thomas Beebe
940-966-3337 Kevin Haralson
940-966-3338 R. A Cunningham
940-966-3339 Gloria Goolsby
940-966-3359 S. D Schrock, Jr
940-966-3363 Eddie Tramell
940-966-3367 Carol & Ron Davis
940-966-3371 Adrian Hill
940-966-3374 Floyd E. Ferguson
940-966-3378 Richard & Ryan Haralson
940-966-3385 Mike Hofbauer
940-966-3401 Bonnie & Gary Robertson
940-966-3402 Cindy & Larry Pigg
940-966-3441 Sidney L. Hammons
940-966-3444 C. F Davis
940-966-3452 Paula & Ryan Palmer
940-966-3457 Curtis Wells
Telephone Name
940-966-3470 Thelma S. Henley
940-966-3478 Steve Sewell
940-966-3484 Matt Gatson
940-966-3488 Tommy Price
940-966-3490 Jeannine York
940-966-3494 Gina & Steve Thelen
940-966-3497 Jeff & Kathleen Burk
940-966-3498 Marie & Roland Pope
940-966-3499 Tim Tompkins
940-966-3509 N. R McCray
940-966-3510 David Hilliard
940-966-3511 Lee Talley
940-966-3512 Petra Gallegos
940-966-3514 Angela Davids
940-966-3544 Sam Tompkins
940-966-3550 Don R. Johnston
940-966-3556 Mike Brackney
940-966-3559 Mark Catlin
940-966-3565 Debra Fox
940-966-3566 Margie Skinner
940-966-3569 Angela McClain
940-966-3570 Bob & Carol Story
940-966-3591 Paul Hoelscher
940-966-3596 Tom L. Hancock
940-966-5629 Psyche Perry

The numbers listed above are from Spanish Fort, TX, Nocona, TX, Sarasota, FL and Rule, TX.

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Other prefixes serving the same cities:

Nocona, TX

Nocona is a city along U.S. Highway 82 and State Highway 175 in Montague County, Texas, United States. The population was 3,198 at the 2000 census.

The city is named for Peta Nocona, the Comanche chief. The area was first known to white settlers as the last stop in Texas before crossing the Red River on the Chisolm Trail. It was founded in 1887 along a particular bend in the Gainesville, Henrietta and Western Railway line, which soon became part of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, connecting Gainesville and Henrietta, and later Wichita Falls. Nocona assumed the role of economic and industrial center of northern Montague County, and many older towns in the area, bypassed by the railroad, shuttered and its citizens moved to Nocona. The town has steadily maintained a population of around 3000 since the 1940s, though industries responsible for its growth have come and gone. The "North Field", an oil field between Nocona and the Red River, contributed to Nocona's economy for much of the 20th century and continues to do so on a small scale. The MKT line, which was responsible for Nocona's founding, was abandoned in 1969 and the tracks removed in 1971. Nocona also has a proud history of leather works and has been home to Justin Industries, Nocona Boot Company, and the Nocona Belt Company. Nocona Boot Company and Justin Industries have since moved; however, the Montague Boot Company has been established in downtown Nocona making boots for the Larry Mahan line at Cavender's Boot City. Also integral to the Nocona economy is the Nocona Athletic Goods Company (product names are spelled "Nokona"), which manufactures baseball gloves, bats, catcher's equipment, and other sports accessories. The Athletic Goods' facilities burned in July 2006, and production has been moved to a temporary facility. Significant efforts are currently underway to revitalize the Clay Street downtown area. See an example of refurbishing a downtown landmark from start to finish at the F&M Bank Face Lift Project.

Nocona, TX description from Wikipedia