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Phone Numbers with the (985) 380- Prefix

Area code:985 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA South Central Bell Tel
Current time:2:40pm
All Cities Served:Morgan City, LA
All Counties Served:Saint Mary County
All Zip Codes Served:70380
Map of Morgan City, LA

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
985-380-2827 Feb 2018 India
985-380-3727 Feb 2018 India
985-380-4517 May 2017 Philippines
985-380-2608 Sep 2016
985-380-2296 Sep 2016 Philippines
985-380-4769 Oct 2016 Louisiana
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
985-380-2442 Oct 2016 Texas
985-380-2874 May 2016 India
985-380-5506 May 2016 India
985-380-4615 May 2014 Louisiana
985-380-4608 Aug 2013 Louisiana
985-380-4601 May 2011 Louisiana

Business and Government (985) 380-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
985-380-1022 Fab-Con
985-380-1031 Anglo Suisse Offshore Partners Llc
985-380-1800 Bayou Telephone Co
985-380-1801 T Man's Store
985-380-1806 Tony Robison
985-380-1808 Fred Marshall
985-380-1811 Arthur Levy, III
985-380-1813 Ben Byrom Smith
985-380-1817 Hilda Deweese
985-380-1818 Ervin Bailey, Jr
985-380-1820 Cotton Harris, Sr
985-380-1821 Jerre B. Anderson
985-380-1822 Ed Gilliam
985-380-1826 Larry B. Brown
985-380-1827 Gary Hidalgo
985-380-1828 Marine Services Gros
985-380-1830 Raymond Bishop
985-380-1832 Thomas Gros
985-380-1833 Pancho Gros, Jr
985-380-1834 Roger J. Aucoin
985-380-1843 Anthony Grisaffe, Jr
985-380-1844 Gerry Davis
985-380-1846 Roy Gros
985-380-1847 Johnny Turner
985-380-1848 Brad Mallett
985-380-1853 Willis Albritton
985-380-1860 Herman P. Campo
985-380-1862 Edwin Grow
985-380-1863 Wade Crappell
985-380-1864 Kerry J. Chauvin
985-380-1865 Wayne Rushing
985-380-1888 S. G Stallings
985-380-1890 Henry Gros
985-380-1895 Doc Kidder
985-380-1897 Warren E. Folse
985-380-1899 T'Man Bailey
985-380-2262 Southland Energy Services Llc
985-380-2277 Lirette Ford Lincoln Mercury
985-380-2300 Bst
Telephone Name
985-380-2395 Courtesy Toyota
985-380-2400 Computers-N-Service Inc
985-380-2433 D. A(Butch)State Senator Gautreaux
985-380-2436 Technical College Louisiana
985-380-2440 Technical College Louisiana
985-380-2441 State of Louisiana
985-380-2448 Employment & Training Department Of
985-380-2455 State of Louisiana
985-380-2457 Technical College Louisiana
985-380-2460 State of Louisiana
985-380-2476 State of Louisiana
985-380-2489 State of Louisiana
985-380-2500 Trackside Storage Facility Climate Controlled
985-380-2738 Davis Rebecca
985-380-2773 United Houma
985-380-2775 Roto-Rooter Plumbing Service
985-380-2800 Whitney National Bank
985-380-2806 Arlette Delcham Md
985-380-2810 Whitney National Bank
985-380-2830 Whitney National Bank
985-380-2870 Whitney Bank
985-380-2898 Cash Cow
985-380-3120 Sammy's Car Wash
985-380-3155 Out Of Eden Health Market
985-380-4218 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4234 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4326 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4380 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4420 Cardiology Center Of Morgan City
985-380-4424 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4431 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4434 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4439 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4440 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4450 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4457 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4465 Arklette Delcham, MD
985-380-4473 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4483 Teche Regional Medical Center
Telephone Name
985-380-4487 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4509 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4513 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4528 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4530 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4565 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4571 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4585 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-4600 City Of Morgan
985-380-4605 City Of Morgan
985-380-4611 Dept Fire
985-380-4617 Depts Fire
985-380-4621 City Of Morgan
985-380-4622 City Of Morgan
985-380-4623 Lake End Park
985-380-4634 City Of Morgan
985-380-4639 City Of Morgan
985-380-4643 City Of Morgan
985-380-4645 City Of Morgan
985-380-4646 City Of Morgan
985-380-4650 Young-Sanders Center
985-380-4651 City Of Morgan
985-380-4652 City Of Morgan
985-380-4656 City Of Morgan
985-380-4658 City Of Morgan
985-380-4660 City Of Morgan
985-380-4661 City Of Morgan
985-380-4793 Teche Regional Medical Center
985-380-5305 States Government United
985-380-5310 States Government United
985-380-5320 States Government United
985-380-5340 States Government United
985-380-5350 States Government United
985-380-5360 States Government United
985-380-5370 States Government United
985-380-8235 Tire Traxx Chabill's
985-380-8246 Sun Towing Corp

Residential (985) 380-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
985-380-1004 Hollis L. Davis
985-380-1005 L. Dials
985-380-1007 Reed Rhodes
985-380-1053 Scott Meador
985-380-1062 Elizabeth Millet
985-380-1072 Luis Fajardo
985-380-2254 Oakley Rowe
985-380-2255 Alvin J. Pennison
985-380-2258 Larry Doiron
985-380-2260 Madeleine Bouillion
985-380-2276 Colby Hartman
985-380-2311 Melissa Pool
985-380-2361 Stacy Macaluso
985-380-2363 Chris Guidry
985-380-2534 Leeanna Fontenot
985-380-2553 Leona Trombley
985-380-2560 Pike Sandra
985-380-2574 Gary T. Acosta
985-380-2592 Bobby Daigle
985-380-2724 Diego A. Cabrera
985-380-2758 Larry W. Theriot
985-380-2761 Gale Parker
985-380-2762 Sandra Barrilleaux
985-380-2763 Edwina Craft
985-380-2764 Sandra Wyatt
985-380-2765 Drucella Bowie
985-380-2769 Lawrence Blackburn
985-380-2770 Climedean Jones
Telephone Name
985-380-2777 Bryan & Tana Richard
985-380-2801 Amber Cheriot
985-380-2802 Gunasekaren Palani
985-380-2803 Gloria Skinner
985-380-2809 Paul Salazar
985-380-2821 Heath Guiollotte
985-380-2822 Earnestine Bell
985-380-2824 Holly Furneaux
985-380-2828 Jasmine Lindsey
985-380-2836 Lucretia Escort
985-380-2837 Erin & Holly Connolly
985-380-2841 Bryan & Melanie Belle
985-380-2843 Marie & Jacob Bergeron
985-380-2866 Ruth Accardo
985-380-2878 Lena Hamilton
985-380-2893 Climisha Mingo
985-380-3103 Jeremy P. Myers
985-380-3115 Derisha Goodness
985-380-3121 Angela Crochet
985-380-3122 Beau & Sarah Theriot
985-380-3131 Frank Cavalier
985-380-3132 D. Johnson
985-380-3137 Stacy Gray
985-380-3144 James P. Henry
985-380-3145 Shante Coler
985-380-3147 Brittany Crouch
985-380-3149 Robert J. Fontenot
985-380-3154 Amelie Broussard
Telephone Name
985-380-3162 George Morrison
985-380-3165 Paul Flowers
985-380-3168 Christina McPherson
985-380-3172 Casey & Jessica Martin
985-380-3176 K. Hill
985-380-3180 Michelle Moore
985-380-3185 Christopher Sargee
985-380-3189 Harry Fluker
985-380-3199 Thomas Percle
985-380-5519 Melanie Carline
985-380-5589 Eljean & James Nesmith
985-380-5607 Lawrence Jr & Robbie Toups
985-380-8203 Terry & Maureen Armond
985-380-8215 Emily Eues
985-380-8218 Lawrence Toups, Jr
985-380-8220 Angela Smith
985-380-8223 Morryecia Garrison
985-380-8225 David & Joellen Fuhrer
985-380-8232 Shawn & Rebecca Keppers
985-380-8234 Gabriel Vilaclara
985-380-8237 Vicki C. Miller
985-380-8241 Z. L Keith
985-380-8243 Steven Trent
985-380-8244 Mary McIntosh
985-380-8259 Booker Hollins
985-380-8265 Joseph Venable

The numbers listed above are from Morgan City, LA, Berwick, LA, Stephensville, LA and Metairie, LA.

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Other prefixes serving the same cities:

Morgan City, LA

Morgan City (previously known as Brashear) is a city in St. Martin and St. Mary parishes in the U.S. state of Louisiana. The population was 12,703 at the 2000 census.

The St. Mary Parish portion of Morgan City is part of the Morgan City Micropolitan Statistical Area, while the small St. Martin Parish portion is part of the Lafayette Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Morgan City sits on the banks of the Atchafalaya River. Morgan City was originally called Tiger Island by surveyors appointed by U.S. Secretary of War John Calhoun because of a particular type of wild cat seen in the area. It was later called Brashear City after Walter Brashear, a prominent Kentucky physician who purchased large tracts of land and acquired numerous sugar mills. It was incorporated in 1860 as Brashear City and in 1876, the community's name was changed to Morgan City in tribute to Charles Morgan, rail and steamship magnate who first dredged the Atchafalaya Bay Ship Channel to accommodate ocean-going vessels. Star Fort ,Also known as Fort Brashear. This site was the larger of two works erected to defend Morgan City, then Brashear City and a Federal military depot. On the night of June 22, 1863, 325 Confederates of Gen. A.A. Mouton's command landed their skiffs and flats in rear of the town. Attacking the next day, they captured the garrison of 700 Federals and immense military stores, while suffering losses of only 3 killed, 18 wounded. On August 26, 1992 Hurricane Andrew came ashore 20 miles to the southwest of town. Andrew was the second most destructive hurricane in U.S. History, after having crossed Florida and then regaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico.

Morgan City, LA description from Wikipedia