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Whose Phone Number is This?

Who does this telephone number belong to? This is the most common reason why many people lookup area codes or conduct an internet search for a telephone number. The rise in popularity of caller id and the increasing number of people in the United States using cell phones has generated a drastic spike in the amount of phone number searches. People receive an unfamiliar call on their home or mobile phone and caller id might not return a name associated with the number.

People have many reasons for wanting to know who the phone call came from. These reasons can be personal or business-related and some of the reasons for wanting to identify a telephone number include:

  • Was it an important call that was missed?
  • Was it a long-lost friend trying to reconnect?
  • Is it the cell phone number of the person you have been trying to reach?
  • Is it a telemarketer who needs to be told to stop calling?
Enter a phone number to find the owner:

(ex. 555-555-5555)

Since there are so many unlisted cell phone numbers and land lines, there are a growing percentage of unidentifiable phone numbers. If the call comes from an unfamiliar area code, the first step one might take is to lookup what state the area code is from. We list telephone area codes by state. Knowing the city and state of the area code might help the person identify the call (say they have a cousin living in the city and state of the call who they were expecting to hear from). However, many times this simply adds more desire to find out who called.

Phone Number Lookups
Because of the millions of unidentifiable calls placed each day and the significant amount of phone number lookups conducted, there are several free and paid phone number search services. The free phone number lookups usually return the same information as your caller id might, for listed telephone numbers, they can return a name of person or business and address. In some cases, the free telephone number lookups might provide more information than caller id, as they may have access to larger databases of public information.

Paid phone number lookup services usually have greater access to unlisted phone numbers and can identify many cell phone numbers. With the many different cell phone providers and the lack of a listed or published cell phone directory, identifying the owner of an unfamiliar cell phone number is usually not possible through caller id or even the free phone lookup services. Many cell phone calls will list the cell provider as the from caller. To identify the owner of a cell phone number, many people might pay one of the phone number lookup companies to get such information. It is just a matter of if identifying the phone number is worth the cost of the service.